Zues Solution was incorporated in 2007. This company was established as a software development company focusing on Microsoft Platform Web and Mobile Application or Solution that help to increase productivity and reduce operating cost via internet. Our mission is to provide efficient, effective and intuitive solutions. This enables experience and technology to be in conformance to the needs of our clients business.

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What makes Zues Solution great?

Zues Solution - Professional Design

Professional Design

Our highly-skilled designers are able to come out with clean and trendy design that looks good and easy to navigate. We also produce logic design that would not need you to look for hours for a function or a button.

Zues Solution - Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

All our development system is built using a lot of different module framework. Therefore we can able to provide you a tailor-made solution that suits your need and fits your requirement.

Zues Solution - Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

We do take security into account in our system development life cycle. We understand that security for a system is critical for a business, and we strive to provide you a solution that is secure from malicious softwares or hackers.

Zues Solution - Customer Support

Customer Support

We care for customer. We have our own ticketing system online so that you can submit a ticket when you face any problem. There are also other means of contact like email and phone so that you can reach us when it is urgent.

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What is SEO?

Whatever your website wants to say, we'll help it say it louder than the rest. As specialists in ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we'll help your website stand out as one in a trillion – not be lost in the crowd. Combined with effective online marketing techniques, creative design, innovative mobile applications and website development, we will provide the Zues Solution your online business needs in order to obtain the boost it really deserves.

  • Website SEO Analysis
    Website Search Engine Optimization is often an afterthought when a website is designed, since your priorities are often with the layout, the color scheme, the logo and pretty pictures. But unless people can find your website when they are looking for something to meet their needs, all of this design is wasted.

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What makes Zues MLM different?

Looking for a professional MLM web solution?

Zues Solution, Zues MLM Software have been in business since 2007. We have done more than 100 projects. We have client from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and more... We are expanding at Hong Kong.

Zues Solution is an one-stop business consultation and software solution provider for direct sales, MLM and network marketing industry. We are professional and dedicated in providing an always better solution for all kind of business to help them to achieve another new height in their business. Equipped with skillful personnel, latest technology and years of experience, we strive to help you to excel in your business.

At Zues Solution we believe in delivering top quality service to client. Based on years of experience in this industry, we fully understand that technical competency is an absolute necessity but in today's business scenario, understanding the needs and desires of our customers is of even greater importance.

Zues Solution know what it takes to run a successful MLM business and it is what makes the difference. The biggest factor in the success of your MLM business is what you have to offer your customers and what they look at most is your marketing plan or pay-plan.

Zues Solution know from A to Z in MLM and with that in mind, we enable you to offer your clients the best possible compensation plan and strategy in the industry